is currently maintained by IRHP and all funds received from either Donations and sales of Memorabilia from  will support the mission of  International Riders Helping People which is promoting rider safety and education, environmental awareness, and equal access for all people.

Read what University of California Davis Medical Center has to say about Danny "Magoo" Chandler's work with children - Click Here (International Riders Helping People.

A non-profit organization created to educate amateur motorcycle/motocross riders about safety, equal access, anti-drug awareness, and environmental appreciation.

Founded by Danny "Magoo" Chandler in 1997, IRHP has reached over 100,000 childern and adults in the last year at schools, workshops, races and community events.

Keep the Danny "Magoo" Chandler dream alive. - Mission

  • To increase off-road rider safety by educating riders and their families about proper equipment usage, appropriate riding techniques, and preventative safety measures,

  • To enlighten communities about equal access in daily and sporting life for persons of all abilities and ages.

    To foster a spirit of cooperation and protection of the environment, especially in respect to off-road sporting events.

    Keep the Danny "Magoo" Chandler dream alive.

How Reaches Communities

To best carry these important messages, IRHP tailors its presentations for each appearance request. Presentations range from 10 to 100 people at shools, racing events, community events, special interest seminars and workshops.

Keep the Danny "Magoo" Chandler dream alive.

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