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Over the years we have heard so many classic Magoo stories and tall tales that we figured it was time to start collecting them all in one place. The  forum page here at dannymagoo.com is meant to do just that. Feel free to post your own old school pictures and stories of Magoo, old school moto in general, or anything else that can somehow be seen as roughly related. As with all things Magoo, anything goes, really.What information do we collect?

    • siggy

      Peace Magoo. You are the man. RIP

    • sin ser de tu epoca pero viendo fotos y peliculas me doy cuenta que estabas mas alla de todos…y que pena ese fatidico salto final en paris…ya no se ven pilotos asi y son odiosas las comparasiones…pero lo diste todo y todo el mundo supo valorar tu esfuerzo !! solo desirte que descanses en paz. tus fans de argentina.

    • Al Griego

      So sorry to hear about Danny “MAGOO” passing. I raced with Danny from 1976 to 1979, he was such a pro. Danny was repected and loved by everyone that raced here at E street in Marysville, Ca. My condolences to his family and fans.

    • Jaimie

      RIP Danny.. I have always looked up to you in good times and bad, you were always straight up with me no matter if that’s what i wanted to hear or not. You helped me to see that no matter “your” obstacle if you put all your heart and mind into it there is nothing you cant do, “just Pick your self up and keep going.” You will forever be in my heart.
      Like always, you will be with all of us as we ride on our hill.

    • Rooster

      Godspeed Danny!! You’ve always been one of my heros – on a bike or in a chair!!

    • eddie lucas

      Rest in peace Danny, you were an inspiration to fans across the world and will be missed, was hoping to meet you again, will have to put that on hold for a while my friend.

    • Ola Sweden

      Vaya con dios! I see you in a lot of race in Europe in the 80:ts
      Keep your riding style in heaven!
      The kids today have never tried a fullsize 2 stroker,so they dont understand what we are talking about!!!!
      R.I.P Ola

    • Cyndi

      R.I.P. Danny..you were exciting to watch race and when you couldn’t do that anymore you gave to the sport by trying to keep others safe. In Heaven you shall ride again, go get’m Magoo!

    • Many thanks, that we met again last year in Italy at the MX of Nations. We, in Gaildorf Germany will never forget you. Your still the best, maggoo.
      R.I.P. Danny

    • ralf

      R.I.P. Danny!!!! You are a legend!!!!!!!! You’re in our hearts forever……

    • Earl Jones

      I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine, who is a mutal frind of Magoo. I first met magoo in the early 90s…but did not really get to know him well until just about a year and a half ago, when he was living with a friend of mine. I enjoyed listening to him tell the tales of his life…I was and am very proud to have magoo as a friend, and he will be greatly missed. RIP buddy.

    • Janet McGovern

      RIP to Danny…I am grateful to have the memories of our life together and my kids are blessed to have been raised by you. You will live forever in our hearts…

    • Mein Hertzliches Beileid der Famielie von Danny !!
      Er war und ist mein großes Vorbild ,ich wünsch ihm alles gut da wo er jetzt ist !!!

      alles alles liebe
      Ralf Müller

    • Danny,
      You were the best. I always looked for footage of you racing and your name in the results.

      GoodSpeed my friend!


    • Dan Lamb

      RIP Danny !!! Like everyone else has said you are a legend in every sense of that word. Thank you for all the awesome memories..

    • S.S. (dals3)

      Thoughts and well-wishes out to Danny’s family and friends. He was my moto-hero growing up and remains my favourite all time rider to this day.

      His legend will never be forgotten by me and others who love this sport.

      RIP, Magoo.

    • You have been my hero since I was a kid and your memory lives forever within all of us.

      Peace, Magoo.

    • You had the heart of a lion Danny, and I know there’s a heaven, and you’re shredding some golf course on a 490 Maico. We’ll meet again someday soon.

    • God Speed Danny.
      We are all saddened this day as you have been taken way too soon.
      You have always been one of a kind and we have all loved you for that, prayers for you and your family….
      Forever R.I.P. Danny

    • Mark D

      You’ll be missed here on earth Danny! I pray you’re back on the saddle at the best MX Tracks heaven has to offer! Moto in peace and God speed.

    • Dan Cameron

      I hope this is just a sick joke for Cinco de Mayo or something, but heard Danny passed. If this is true, God bless you Danny. You were, and always will be, a hero.
      Godspeed Danny.

    • dale semmler dale semmler

      you will be missed more than you could have imagined.god speed magoo………. your legacey will live forever 716 out…….

    • Frank

      This is a sad day. Just saw the pics.of Dannys new van then heard the news of his passing. He will not be forgotten in the motocross world. Rest in peace.

    • OXBOY

      R.I.P Danny….

    • Lee robinson

      R.I.P. Danny, on your day no one could have beat you , you made me want to race and I switched to hondas so I could be like you , never forgotten , Legend !

    • Simon Lacey

      A straight up legend of the sport.

      You will be missed Danny.

    • johnny stobbe

      Rest in peace Danny!A fan from The Netherlands!

    • Benny

      R.I.P. Danny!!!! You are a legend!!!!!!!! You’re in our hearts forever……

    • ernesto

      Godspeed Danny I’m so bummed…. :(

      All the best to Danny’s family, friends and fans. The MX community have lost a wonderful human being and great rider…

      I can’t sleep….

    • h.arnett

      R.I.P. Danny Magoo this is horrible news!!! Much loved ! D.A.W.G. will hunt !!!!! Danny.At.Wohlen.&Gaildorf. ’82

    • Wow, good story. I just now clicked a link to your blog and I’m already a fan.

    • Its nice to see you posting on this topic, I have to book mark this site. Keep up the good work.

    • carlos william martinez

      Danny, I am the guy that helped you out at the back-up motocross des nations race at glen helen.Remember me? You said you have my information under your bed…. I will always be your #1 fan! I love you..and Jesus loves you!!!! hope to see you at hangtown 2010!!!!Your Friend …..Carlos William Martinez……..

    • ezio

      I magoo, you’re the best motocross rider on the wheelchair as weel!!!!!!!
      jump inside the life for ever!!!!!

    • PM

      Keep up the hard work Danny,good luck on the Van Fund and stay healthy !!! Thanks !

    • jody gaines

      hey danny i new you in the seventys i pitted with the coulsons alot you know elk grove ready mix.I am glad to see you made it through the depresion of not raceing anymore,i had to quit in 78 do to two broken legs in the same year i went through bad depresion after that i was out of control .I am better now sixteen years clean.steve coulson gave me the D.G parts off the RM 125′s he gave you to ride back east it was very fast out of time for now. but have much more to say.ps nice work man!

    • H.Arnett

      Magoo! , get well soon and live strong brother,keep hunt’n Dawg!! Your fans pray for you and need you !!!

    • matteo rossi

      Hi Danny,you are the best rider of ever!!!!
      ciao from italy

    • H.Arnett

      Happy F%@#ing New Year MAGOO !!!!!! Dawg Will Hunt !!!!!!

    • Hi Danny, you met me in Franciacorta Italy for the MXON, I am the man that build carbon fiber parts for all MX GP Team. I hope you remember me and I wish you an Happy New Year. Ciao Flavio

    • Dario Sella

      Ciao Danny,sei stato un grande del motocross,voglio pensarti felice sopra una moto da cross. Ciao dall’italia

    • H.Arnett

      I’m sure that Magoo helped MAICO single handedly produce the wicked 82-83 490 cc Spider,before they even came out !!It’s all about the R & D ! My nieghbor Carl had a 490 spider,he always raced Saddleback and Carlsbad Raceway! I used to listen to my nieghbor ripping up the hill behind my house in Riverside,CA. (Carl Reeves from Riverside, R.I.P.) Carl let me ride this monster at 12 yrs. of age !!!!Of course he had kick start that beast.. All I remember was 2nd gear starting,the rest was crazy ! I never got passed 3rd gear,so much vibration my eye’s went blurry !!! Thanks Carl and Magoo ,,Great times and good memmories …… Magoo , still building memmories ! (DANNY,Did you ever ride De-Anza cycle park in Riverside County in the 80′s ?

    • Christophe Betemps

      dear danny
      Small massage from a French guy from France,same generation than you
      I remember ,same if it was yesturday, 2 things
      First was a document about you from ” moto verte “French motorbike magazine in the 80′s. Several bieautifull picture of you riding a 4 stroque honda with a long chromed muffler.Incredible source of dream for me and all of my friends
      Second time I see you was during the supercross of Genova, ITALY;supercross was starting in Europe, and between the 2 race, it was possible to see the driver.
      I just saw someone that I wished to be my brother
      Danny, for this third time, looking for news about you, with the help of your website, I just want to tell you today that you are bieautifull personne

    • scott silvers

      Way back in 1983, before I entered my first MX race, I thought “I need a number for my plates – what should I choose?”. I didn’t hesitate to pick #34…..You were an inspiration for me to keep on riding motorcycles, and I still do today, so thanks!!!

    • Curt

      I grew up in NorCal – living and loving motocross and have so many memories of a time when a young Magoo ruled the local races at Marysville, Dixon, Helvetia and Plymouth.
      Later, when Danny got the Maico ride and was showing his crazy all-or-nothing style while riding the TransAm at Sears Point and then at Hangtown, my friends and I were on top of the world watching our local hero show the rest of the moto world what he could do!
      For decades we’ve often told the stories about those early races.
      Recently, I got ahold of Danny’s video and lo and behold, actual footage exists of those exact events and memories we had been trying to preserve in our feeble old minds – who would have thought it had been captured on film back in those days? What a treasure you’ve provided us – the memories, and now video proof that we weren’t just making that shit up, ha, ha.
      One memory that comes to mind was at Hangtown (1979?), Danny crashed and his body hit the ground so hard that I could feel the impact through my feet while standing a good distance away, yet he just popped up, gathered the bent up bike and kept charging!
      Another memory is a downhill straight with a dog leg in it. A jump before and another jump after the dogleg. Everyone else jumped the first jump then rode over to and thru the turn at the dog leg and then to and off the next jump. Well, of course Magoo simply rode off the first jump, flew over the crowd standing in the dogleg corner (remember when you could actually stand right next to the track?) and landed on the backside of the jump after the dog leg. We stood there amazed (and wishing we had a camera) – People just didn’t ride like that back then. In fact no one to this day REALLY rides the way Danny did – you had to witness it to understand that this man was the innovator and always gave everything he had!
      So Danny, thanks for the great memories and a video to go with them!
      Take care
      -Curt (still racing vet at E-Street Marysville!)

    • Danny,

      You don’t know me but I grew up in roughly the same area in Northern California and when I was in the Navy in San Diego during the early 80s, I finally got to see you ride for the first time at the USGP in Carlsbad.

      Riding a 4-stroke but I can’t remember which brand…

      You’d haul ass — pass everyone — crash. Get up — haul ass — pass everyone — crash.

      I loved it.

      Great memories. You’re doing great work brother…


      • Chris

        I also had the good fortune of seeing Danny riding at that USGP in the early 80s the year he road Kelvin Frank’s (Frank’s Racing) one off 4 stroke. It had a heavily breathed on XR 500 Honda engine bolted into the the chassis that was the brainchild of Kelvin. My brother fabricated several frame / swingarm assemblies for Franks back then. Magoo had only ridden the bike a few hours total before race day, but was still in the top 3 qualifying lap times. He went down in the first turn of moto 1, and in no time was charging through the pack (of course with no goggles or face mask left), flying down the Carlsbad downhill faster and higher than anyone else, wide eyed, mouth open and tongue out! He was absolutely amazing to watch, and could be easily heard around the entire track since he was the only one on 4 stroke. If anyone has any photos of him that day, would love to see them posted or a link. Thank you Danny for everything you’ve given to so many, both during and after your racing days!

    • Francesco dell'osso

      Ciao da Italy, goood gooooood!

    • BUON COMPLEANNO!!!!!!!
      that means Happy birthday!!!!
      I know it’s a bit late but…who cares!
      Happy birthday once again!
      Greetings and a hug from Italy.

    • Gooner;
      For the record: Late 70′s (before Jetco) you on your 440 stock Jetski and me on the Kamakasi 474 aka “The Zebra”. Gave lessons to all on the Sac-River and several times skied all the way up the American to Nimbus Dam. We had to walk the skis up a few thin rapids. The infamous day comming back down and Im gonna quote ya.
      “I’m gonna roost every F–N rafter on the way back” Every one Danny, “Yeah, NO F–N Mercy” I have never laughed so hard in all my life. How bout them poor Fux eatin lunch and rolling J’s? I can still hear em screamin NO! No! No! Blasted a few of them right out their raft……..
      How bout the trips up the Upper American out of Folsom Lake all the way up to and into the Auburn Tunnel. Very scarry. Took us 3 or 4 minutes hangin off the back of your stocker to get over the 4 footer holden it wide open.. I remember avoiding the white water on the way up and using them for a jump on the way back down. Got some serious air on both those trips..Danny we set the standard for riden skis, now kids are stuck with sittin down and just goin in circles. That aint skiing! We used to laugh at Billy D. on that sit down and use him for a jump…
      I love ya brother.. Pretty KooL havin your own page……..