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Over the years we have heard so many classic Magoo stories and tall tales that we figured it was time to start collecting them all in one place. The  forum page here at dannymagoo.com is meant to do just that. Feel free to post your own old school pictures and stories of Magoo, old school moto in general, or anything else that can somehow be seen as roughly related. As with all things Magoo, anything goes, really.What information do we collect?

    • I met you in Italy last week end, it was fatastic. You are one of my hero. Thanks for all.

    • Alex

      Simply one of the greatest of the history: the incredible Mister Magoo!

    • MARCO VITALI age 43

      Happy birthday Danny. I was so happy for You presence in Italy.Thank You for Your life’s teaching. Sincerely.
      Marco from Italy

    • riccardo



    • dale semmler dale semmler

      happy freakin 50th birthday mr.magoo thanx for all the memories!!! hope you stay around and teach safety for at-least 50 more !!! keep on diggin d.s. nmx716 80-81

    • Patrick K.

      Hey Magoo!

      HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY wishes from Austria!!!!!!
      Thank you for the Photo on Saturday MXON in Italy!
      We love you and your riding so much!
      You are the biggest Legend in Motocross!

      see you!


    • 940ken

      you’re my HERO!!! the reason I ride is the reason YOU ride I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I’m 49 rode since 11 did not race until 19 raced until i reached 42 . want to race next year when turn 50. i race harescrambles not moto ,but you’re the reason i ride . RED BUD 79 you broke a clutch lever mount . i watched you riding off track instead the race .your determination unmatched…….. THATS WHY I RIDE11111111111

    • Matt Cuddy

      Check it out: http://www.motorcycle.com/forum/showthread.php?p=224779#post224779

      Have gotten quite a few hits on it. Hope it helps out.

      Matt Cuddy
      Burbank 2010_KX450F_DX3_9751.jpg?g2_GALLERYSID=TMP_SESSION_ID_DI_NOISSES_PMT

    • Matt Cuddy

      I bought an ’83 CR480 beacause of you, and I’m still dazed from the headshake! I see you need a nice trick van to get around in, and I’m getting a bunch of your fans here in LA to contribute. I’m a T-12 para from a street bike accident, and I know how tough you are to get through a neck SCI, and keep on going. You are a champion in my book.


    • Stephen Gautreau

      Congratulations on the Website Danny. Because of you and your superhuman abilities to ride a Maico I have finally finished the first one (1976 GP 400) and now I am working on the second Maico. (1978 Magnum 400) Whenever I look at that bike I see you and smile.
      It warms my heart to see you training and helping the future of this sport, the youth by educating them. Perhaps next spring (February) you may be able to come out to Arizona for one or both of the Vintage Nationals. Trust me when I tell you even the older crowd could use some common sense teaching about being safe and thinking ahead. Please know you have a full and total respect and admiration for all you did and do. God Bless you.

      Stephen MyDocuments?authkey=Gv1sRgCOXqh7bL_6O-Ww#5384750362997422338

    • Steve Wardlow

      My memory of Danny was that somehow he was in Pittsburg, KS during the very late 70′s, I think he had family there or something. He was working for BJ’s Suzuki there. The local track on the outskirts of town was Freddy Van’s Cycleland. We would go there on off weekends and practice. One time my buddies and myself were out there late on a hot August afternoon. It was just us and a guy who was there on a bike, with no truck or other means of transport. The guy was wearing a pair of cut-off shorts on the outside of his leathers. It turned out to be Danny. He rode with us and hung out and talked, just like he was one of us. Of course, I had to ask why he was wearing the shorts, and he said they gave him a place to put his wallet while he rode. He gave us quite the show, riding off-track and jumping things not meant to ever be jumped by a motorcyle.

    • Vic

      How far was the Magoo Double jump? Accurate guesses only please?!?!

    • Jeff Holzhausen

      Danny, My favorite memories, from years of racing and writing about racing, my best memories are from promoting the 1977 125 national in Midland Michigan, and the best of those memories are of you and your family. How’s Blackie? Thanks for being you!

    • When I was riding people used to say I rode with a style like your’s,which was a great compliment as I loved your riding.I won the Japanese Enduro championship in 1986 but rode motor-x and super-x as well.I remember racing against Jim Holley in Supercross and Enduro in Japan.Not long after I stopped riding Motor-x I got schizophrenia and I was very sick.So Like you I have had to struggle.When I taught English in Japan and talked about Motor-x I used your photos.I thought they were so cool.I’m pround of you for what you have acheived both before and after your accident.You give me strength when I get down with my own illness.Goodluck and Thanks

    • h.arnett

      Remember,there’s only One Danny MAGOO Chandler !

    • Tammy Graham

      Magoo!!! It’s been YEARS!! I was looking you up on Facebook and found this website! How awesome! My memories of you date way, way back to the 70′s…..you were the craziest minibike rider I’d ever seen. At that time, I was only attending Marysville races and Hangtown every year. Many riders have been compared to you over the years because you set such a high standard to achieve! The most exciting guy to watch I’d ever seen….well into the pro levels. I haven’t been to races in over 23 years, but I’ve seen the progression into Xtreme Racing and I KNOW that you would have been the best if they had that back in your days. Anyway, just wanted to pop by and say “hello” and I love your website! Hope you’re doing okay. Take care!

    • gabriel kousouros

      moderation never mind cancel my post Im against censorship

    • gabriel kousouros

      I remember you danny you were a crazy son of a bitch sorry you got hurt my friend tom was a crazy son of a bitch too. He broke his neck on a snow mobile you too were similar. I saw you at dilla and broome? why dont you sell some shit on ebay? where do you live Im in new york but want to move to temecula. If you still need a van Ill help out just email me. Im not rich but can do the hundred everyone is talking about. Better yet I can arrange a party with you as a guest of honor and sell tickets as I know a lot of antique motocrossers all of which know you well peace out dude and goood luck.


    • Hay Dan
      Hope things are going good for you. I want to get up to see ya soon. I’m still working on the tool box for pickups and hope to be able to start selling them soon. Just wanted to say Hay. Best wishes, keep the faith…………..

    • mike .m

      hey champ.glad to see new web site .I meet u in red bluff one year a friend took me there his name is brad it was the best time i ever had .Then went to your school in leggett .you are a great teacher for this sport and life .I got hurt real bad in oregon was in bed for month didnt think was going to walk or ride again .Then brad took me to red bluff .Im going to ride the vet class next year cause my eyes are starting to hurt from going too fast :)

    • dale semmler

      danny hope all is going well…. do you ever hear from pat jacobson?? one of my local heros..he’s one of the first legends be put in a 4 wheeler..sure changed my views at 15 on pro racing.to make it all that way,then have it all taken away in the first turn,at your first factory suzuki race….(hangtown) anyhow,onward we tredge keep on diggin nmx716 80-81 d.s.

    • Danny, In 1979, I had a brand new 400F Yamaha. I met Bob Hanaha at Mexican Dam, Carson city, Nevada. Two days before hang town. Bob liked my new bike. He asked me if I was going to Hangtown and I said yes. You passed Bob Huricane over a jump like he was standing still. I’ll never forget that moment. P.S. My friend went out that very next day and bought a 79maico 250.

      Richard Jefferies
      Vet Expert 1987 kx 500
      two strokes rule!!!

    • Mike K.

      Wishing u the best Magoo, I was always a big fan back in the day. I have a photo of you I took at the 82 USGP which u won. It was greasy, muddy, and wicked, and u kicked butt! Love the photo, goggles off, going down the Carlsbad Freeway!

    • HBA

      Dear Danny Magoo fans, I recently had a conversation with Danny.. I’m just a good fan from 1979. We talked a short while,and some good things came up! What a great legend of motocross,huh! Anyway the subject came up of Danny traveling to AMA events like Anahiem supercross & GlenHelen Nationals,ETC.. Danny Magoo has a great story to tell younger rider’s,It’s all about safety,fun and the future of motocross riders!! Why not give back what he has givin us ? Good memmories and great times,as well as stories!! Recently a great fan has Donated an entire Vehicle to Danny,set up for Him to drive himself,a van.. Thank you for that !! What would you do for Magoo? In order to represent like a pro, Magoo has to feel and look Professional,like the Professional he Is !! It’s easy, Magoo needs help from us !! The Fans. If 130-140 Fans donated 100 dollars to Danny Magoo Chandler,, He could become totally self reliant in his travels by having a D.O.T. lift mechanism installed to his van,wheelchair and all !! Let’s help a true legend! thank you!! P.S. A little here, Is alot out there! Danny,you rule!

      • I’m in for $100. How can we make this happen?
        First time I saw Danny was my first pro race. Unadilla trans-am 1979. I remember earlier that year MXA said “when this kid comes to town, line the fences to see him” As a fan of any European brand, I sure did. It was awesome when I believe 1981 he came back on a Honda and one the support class and overall for the year.

    • Greg Wolfe

      Greg wolfe #28
      A note to all Danny Magoo Chandler fans.
      Danny is accepting donations so he can purchase a van to get around town. Let’s all help Danny out as a way to give back for all the great racing memories he’s given to us.If we all pull together and give what you can Danny will get a van. Thank you Magoo/Motocross fans.Go to MotocrossAction.Com or http://www.legendsandheroestour.org/

      Here’s a portion of a letter I wrote to Danny a while back.
      Hi Danny,
      Just got done watching your new DVD again. You and Noah did a fantastic job creating the story of Danny Chandler. Loved watching the old footage of you flying on your motorcycles. And seeing some of the old (not that old) riders and hearing their stories about what it was like to race with you, it brought back a lot of fond memories of motocross racing from the 70’s and 80’s. You look good, and seem to have peace in your life. I’m very happy to know that your doing good. I must say you are my favorite mx racer of all time. In my opinion you are the greatest rider to ever race motocross. Hannah, Ward, Barnett, Johnson, Jonny O , Bailey, McGrath, Carmichael, Stewart, they are all great racers. But their not quite in the realm of Danny Chandler. Watching you race a motorcycle was such an intense experience. Your level of riding was higher than anyone else on the track. As I watched you kick ass around the track I felt as if I was out there with you on that bike. My heart would be pounding and I would feel the adrenaline in my body as you would ride that bike to the very edge of what it was capable of. Your passion and desire on a bike is unmatched. Listening to your story reminds me of myself. I was born in 1961 and grew up in Orange California. Saddleback was a 10 minute drive from my house. Our house was located next to hills and there were a lot of orange groves here at the time. I was always making tracks or jumps to ride my stingray bicycle on. I even had a pair of motocross bars fitted to my bike. In 1976 our new neighbors move in and they had dirt bikes. At that point I was on a mission to get a motorcycle. My parents didn’t like motorcycle at all. (too dangerous) I saved my money and after begging and begging my parents they let me buy a bike. A 1977 XR80. I raced that in mini beginner then move up to a 125. All I wanted to do was race motocross. I didn’t like school, always missing class. The only thing I liked to read was Dirt Bike, and Motocross Action. My dream was to race motocross on the professional level. But my problem was a lack of God given talent. The highest level I raced was top novice. I had many fun times racing. One of the times I remember most was at Saddleback. The year was 1982 and I had a new RM125. I was racing Saturday and back the novice class ran 20 minute motos. My friend was riding the pro class and he told me I could clear the Magoo double jumps if I just hold the throttle wide open. At the starting line I hadn’t plan on going for the jump, too gnarly. After a couple of laps I fell, and picked it up in last place. I was so pissed, I just starting charging. I caught up to the leaders and was looking for a place to get around 2nd place. The whole time I’m riding I’m saying to myself “charge like Magoo“. Coming up to the Magoo double jump I said to myself “wide open, just like Magoo” I gassed it and just cleared the jump with my front wheel. The back end kicked up and sent me a little out of control, but I was able to hold on and that is were I made the pass for 2nd place. I continued to go for the jump the remainder of the race. It seemed like I just barely made it each time. I wasn’t able to catch the leader, he was too far ahead. The second moto I got another 2nd. That was the funest race of my life. I was so stoked to have made the Magoo double jumps, just like my hero Danny Chandler. I still think about that race quite offend. It was because of you that I’m able to enjoy that special time in my life. You have touched a lot of life’s giving people special memories. It isn’t just your riding, but you as a person is part of your appeal. You don’t seem like the big time motocross racer (but you are) you seem like a regular guy, like one of us.

      Thanks Danny for the awesome race days of the 80′s.
      God Bless Danny Magoo Chandler

    • h.arnett

      P.S. Lawrence Hare,, If you will ?, What year did you break your neck?? You obviously have alot in common with MAGOO,and, are a great fan.. Can’t even imagine the horrible disruption of that kind of injury.. I’m sure we wouldn’t mind hearing a little of your story also, as well as other fallen riders like Magoo and Yourself!! Live strong and keep supporting one of the greatest riders of all time!!!!!! Danny Chandler !!!!!

    • Phil Hart

      Dear Mr. Chandler, I realize that you receive a lot of fan mail and that some do not even reach you, because they are as boring as “shit’. I was just compelled to write you a little e-mail (story) about a memory that I have of you. I will start off my story in the present and go to the past. Please bare with me, I’m not the greatest of writers!

      I work for Sacramento Metro Fire Dept as a Firefighter/Paramedic and we have a lot of camping trips with other families in the dept. Well, there is one one family that we have been camping with pretty regularly. We all took a trip down to San Felipe Mexico to ride our dirt bikes/quads/ rhino etc. and I noticed that my friend “Don Hanlon” had a Magoo sticker on his bike. As we were sitting around the campfire that night we talked about growing up watching your career. We talked about your Motocross Safety School and how valuable that it is to the community and the world. I told him about the time that when I was in elementary school and you visited and how that memory has stuck with me 30 yrs later.

      Don stated that he had a video of your career and he went into his RV and returned with Magoo, The story of Danny Chandler. Being in Mexico with all of the “happenings” going on I:E riding, beach, drinking etc. I did not have the time to watch it right away. I placed it in my RV and took it home. It was at my house for approx 2 months. I guess I’m a bad “returner guy” when I borrow something. I awoke this morning and not sure why but I felt compelled to watch the video before my family woke up and my day went crazy. As I was watching the video I came to the chapter about the school visit. I sat there drinking a cup of coffee and almost fell off the couch!! That was my school, my class, (Dry Creek Elementary in Roseville) and my twin brother and myself are in the video. I was wearing a Honda jersey, and my brother was wearing a Kawasaki jersey.

      It was a special reading class for kids that were having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class. I guess the reason that I need to write you this e-mail is that, I have been talking about that day when you visited for the last 30 yrs. Yes, that visit was 30yrs ago. I can remember the day like it was yesterday. You even gave my brother and myself a signed jersey that we used to fight over when we rode our motorcycles. We used to pretend that we were you when riding our motorcycles around our 5 acres and motocross track that my Dad made for us.

      I think back at the time when I was in that class and as young kid that was struggling to keep up with his grades and then you came in and talked about your career and that anyone can make something for themselves, it really stayed in my memory. Well, I have since grown out of that reading problem, have my own family and the memories of that day. I guess I just wanted to write you a little note to maybe make you smile and think back to all of the young kids that you helped and didn’t even realize it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to my class that day. I hope that this little note reaches you and trying not to get to “mushy” it makes your day.

      Thanks again,

      Phil Hart

    • Mark

      Good Job Noah! Just what was needed, the fans!!

    • Scott McFatridge

      In 1999 my little brother started working at the Honda dealership with me. I tried to make him a sx/mx fan like me, we got the vhs movie “legacy” and after watching that movie the only thing that got his attention was the section about you. You were his favorite rider not MC,RC,RD he was all about magoo. I wont get into details but he was killed test riding a street bike,later that year. I just wanted to say thank you because, He never got to pick another favorite rider.\
      Thank you for your time
      Scott McFatridge

    • Pete Woodford

      I still have the picture of “Danny Magoo on the visible Maico” which was printed in either Dirt Bike or MXA. It is inspirational to dirt riders. Thank you.

    • eddie lucas

      Hi Danny, hope you keeping well, and thanks for a great time at MXON in england last year, look forward to meeting the legend and inspirational MAGOO again, i can still remember seeing you ride the KTM at the Farleigh Castle GP in 1985 (damned dnfs!) that was a great GP and probably Dave Thorpes best race in moto 2 that day.

    • h.arnett

      To everyone that loves MAGOO, We owe a Special thanks to NOAH SAMSON for getting this community website out in the open!! I had a short conversation with Noah last month by phone, I was wondering how Magoo was doing, Noah informed me that Danny was well! It is obvious that Mr. Samson has much respect for Danny,he wanted to talk about him with no bother at all,and was thanking me for calling even though he has a busy schedule!! I do believe that once you are involved with Magoo’s history and hard influence, it will make you a bigger and better FAN ! We all need to contribute to Danny’s future,no matter if it is big or small! P.S. Too Danny, A true hero, you have the power to change people’s integrity,stay strong and K.I.T. with this great cummunity of true motocrosser’s.. We the rider’s and great fan’s.

    • As you were used to be(and still are)an upsidedown person :-)
      ˙˙˙˙ɟɟnʇs ʍǝu ǝɯos ʎnq ʎlqɐqoɹd ll,ı
      ˙˙˙˙ǝʇıs qǝʍ ʍǝu ɹnoʎ ǝʞıl ı
      ¡ʎuuɐp ʎǝɥ

      Greetings from Italy
      (still remember you at Arsago Seprio Fast Cross by Saporiti…)
      wicked scrub on the main table top!!

    • tnatola

      Danny, i just want to say thanks for all the memories, you were one of my mx heros back in the day, im turning 43 this year and i still remember like it was yesterday when i saw you at Red bud, also who could ever forget your 130mph pass on Steve wise in the superbikers. Its funny, as a kid i always wanted a mx bike with slicks, now 3 yrs later here i am back into mx after a 17 yr hiatus and ripping around on a supermoto – thanks to you man! Its good to see that your still out there doing the deal – GOd Bless and keep the faith! TNAT


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    • Missy Admire

      Hi Danny
      Dont know if you remember me from way back when, my family knew yours and we were together a lot at hangtown (70′s)..Just wanted to let you know my brother Kelly passed away 5 yrs ago and pops passed this past March. Last time you and I saw each other was in the hills you were working the mountain bike races and putting together the races at the ski resort in tahoe. I was dating Michael Anderson then…I hope life is treating you well, from this website you are doing life favors..Glad to hear you are working with kids both my boys 11 & 7 ride, it can be scary specially when i think of you!
      Just wanted to say hi!

    • I saw Danny ride in England when he came over,he was on KTM then at Wakes Colne and he was awesome,he was jumping out of the bomb-hole around half as far again as everyone else! I was dissapointed not to see Danny when he came to England for the MXON at Donnington as I had a track crash that left me with a broken neck at level C6/C7 and in a wheelchair like himself.Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo gave him the original Rob Kinsey painting of when he holeshot at Wohlen MXoN in 1982 which was pretty cool (Rob’s paintings are awesome and can take upto around 50 hours!)I would of loved to spoken to him,he’s an inspiration,total respect dude,you’re a legend!
      (ps drop me a line if you wouldn’t mind/get time,it’d be cool to compare stuff that’s post “human”!!)

    • Rick De La Pena

      There was nothing more awesome for me, back in 1981, than to watch Magoo bank hard left around the first turn at Lake Madera wide-open! He never let off the throttle!

    • H. Wright

      I’m an old man 50 like you today Danny and I only got to really ride an race form about 1976 to 1981 even though I rode whatever I could from childhood up. I have a friend for that era, we called Patrick “Hotdog” Hubbs who like you was a very naturally talented rider and local pro. I can remember me and him several times talking about you, he would bring up stories about seeing you at Lake Madera and saying how you couldn’t even touch the ground at the starting line. Well he says I’m riding my ass off and here comes this dam Magoo flying pass me standing up in this super rough high speed turn like I’m standing still. Now to put the icing on the cake I’ve seen Pat run with Brock Glover at Carlsbad at local races when Brock was in his prime Golden Boy days with Yamaha and stay right with him on get this a 125 Maico with a transplanted suzuki motor in it. That wasn’t even the half of it the dam rear hub was dragging because it was properly spaced in the swingarm. Mind you Pat rarely ever admitted to anyone being better or faster than him so if he said your were special you really had to impress him. I have many little things from that era that I can remember, the only Supercross at the Rose Bowl. I watched you at the practice and I think Marty Tripes was trying to make a comeback for like the last time but that was not what was so eye catching. I was watching practice as I always did trying to learn anything I could to help me become better an I’m seeing you stop on the last lap of practice because your mechanic told you that Tripes had doubled two of the tree large jumps in a row. I OMG look Magoo is going to give a try and you let the last rider go and I go he’s not going the to do the logical thing and jump the last two, he’s going to do the first two and sure enough there you go! You dam near center punch the third actually you did, anyone else would have knocked themselves out but you made it through to everyone’s appreciation. I think your mechanic after wards goes Magoo not the first two the second two!!! I have more but maybe another time, my hats (helmets) off to you for all the great and obscene moments you gave us.

      The Duc!

    • h.arnett

      Isn’t it f***ing amazing how MAGOO could jump huge downhills on a friggin 500cc back when the suspension on those factory bikes were so far behind the power that the engines produced !! I owned a 1983 CR480,done up with a coned pipe,TeamTamm mod’s, Yah,I was 150 pounds,now that’s funny!! Sure I could ride it if I could start that left kicker..I finally sold it and down sized to the appropriate bike! I think my worst injury was after washing this monster,Yah I tried to kick start it with a wet shoe,no boot,SILLY ME !! Yes there was blood and footpeg gashes on the shin bone!!! I can,t even imagine how Magoo felt riding these works bikes wide open,My respect level is to the moon! Danny Chandler, You make the pros today look like little girls in dresses!!! haha ! No disrespect, I love todays motocross riders. Keep up the great additude and great work that you do for the motocross community,Hopefully I will be lucky enough to meet you one day!!! HUGE FAN…thanxxx.

    • dylan osmonson

      man,im turning 40 this year but right now i feel like a teenager finally being able to write to my original all time hero! thanks for the awesome memories and keeping strong after your accident! im sure that was harder than anything you`ve done on the bike and im proud of you! i know you had talent and the drive to make it big and be the best! i lived with you on my walls for years and couldnt wait to read about you in the mags. thanks for you dedication to the sport and to us fans for giving us a way to connect with you! you an awesome guy and a amazingly talented rider! oh and screw xgames…you are the all-time KING of whips! much love to ya mr. magoo!


      Just wanted to say whats up to realy one of the best of all time,did not matter sand,hardpack,mud,125s or 500s MAGOO was always a threat just ask some of the people that saw him ride the DES-Nations in Gaildorf in 82.QWAKER


      I remember danny coming to bonneville raceway on his maico in about 1978 or 1979, i was just a dumb kid but magoo was a big hero of mine from that day on….

    • Greg Moore


      I am from Ohio, Back in 1980 or 81 A friend of mine took me to see my first Professional Race down in Lexington Ohio. (I believe it was the trans am series then. I was getting started in the motocross scene getting all the MX action magazines and learning about all professional riders.
      So getting to see my first race was great. I believe you were riding the maico back then.

      I hope you remember this, I sure do. But anyways on that particular day the sun was out and the track was great. At some parts of the track there were deep mud holes.

      I remember you riding around the track on the parade lap about half way around you got your bike stuck in one of these mud holes. It took you and some of the track personel (seemed like 20 minutes) to get the bike out of the hole. Once it was out you pointed the back tire towards the crowed (me included) and did the biggest rooooooster tail I ever seen spraying all of us with the mud from that mud hole.

      What a great memory. I’ll never forget it.

      Even though I enjoy the sport to this day and road some as well, I kind of got away from it around 1985. It wasn’t till about a year ago that I heard you got hurt. It made me sad to know some of your struggles all of these years.

      Thank you for making a young wanta be rider like myself have a great time at the races. You made thousands of kids like me dream of becoming a great rider like you.


    • h.arnett

      Does any know about Magoo riding Corona Raceway,82-84. remember friday nights at corona raceway,Such cool racing. TEAM TAMM Team Strange !!! Coned Pipes !! Did he ride there?

    • dale semmler

      I type not so well.. he put a lot of good riders to shame..now thats the truth…

    • dale semmler

      danny magoo, just the name makes the hair stand up on my neck….or back,now im closer to 50!!!! no tall tale just fact.i witnessed the magoo magic,on his suzy 125 at washougal.with a flat rear tire,he put a lot of good to shame.not only did he finish,i sware he was in the top ten…what a treat,everyone ran to the ski jump,to watch that bike shimmy hard on the landing…keep on diggin nmx716 80-81 d.s.

    • h.arnett

      (MAGOO) What’s Uuuuuuuupp?? Love the new website!!! Dig watching you ride the works cr500′s. You tamed those beast’s..Can’t wait to order the new dvd’s. Hope there is some more sick footage of the Magoo Double, (Saddleback)!!MAICOOO!! My wife and I are huge Fans!!! Keep up the Great Work!!! Harlan & Amy..

    • Harlan Arnett age 37